⭐ GCON - the Furniture Manufacturing Factory

Factory Overview

Established in 1995, GCON now operates 14 showrooms and 6 ecommerce stores, all backed up by its China furniture factory. The facility has 36 furniture manufacturing lines and nearly 1,000 trained workers.

The main factory were contructed in 2012. The facility occupies 176,000 ㎡ land in Xiangzhou, Guangxi. It is designed to provide full solution for clients. It owns about 90 automation machines, which makes full OEM furniture manufacturing services possible. It started as a office furniture factory, but now it is also a home furniture factory, a hotel furniture factory, and a restaurant furniture factory.

GCON furniture factory
china furniture factory front door

Guide for Visitors

Our furniture factory is open for client visits. Free feel to contact us and we’ll schedule a visit to our facilities. There you’d see all equipments, people, and furniture production procedures. 

But if you decide not to come at the moment, continue on this page and we’d show you more about our furniture factory.

⭐ Furniture Manufacturing Lines

China Furniture Factory - Production Overview

If you get into one of our facilities, you’d see everything well-arranged. Work procedures are optimized to ensure highest effeciency and all materials, work-in-process, and finished products are classified and strictly prepared or stored in proper areas. These clear procedures could highly facilitate work experience, therefore minimize decificiencies or work accidents.

Thanks to these efforts we are able to ensure industry leading product quality while making little polution to world’s eco-system. Starts 2010s’ we obtained ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 and since then we never failed ISO requirements. 

furniture factory production building

⭐ Furniture Manufacturing Factory - Laminate

China Furniture Factory - Laminate Furniture

Laminate furniture is one of GCON’s main product types. In most occasions these furnitures are cost-effecient and visually attractive. 

However, nowadays factories make these products too cheap. Panels used on low cost products are easy to break and the bad for people and the environment.

Furniture Manufacturing - Material & Equipment

In GCON we use only high quality panels, often those meet CARB P2 Requirements, which is the highest standard in the industry. 

Besides material used, our factory ensure industry 4.0 standards by using advanced equipments, like Homag BMG 512HPP 180, and so forth. These imported machines helps us to produce products with minimal deviations and wastes.  


Featured Product

Customer Brand: Bidiso
Selling Platform: Amazon
Monthly Sales: 700+ Units

Amazon Best-seller


Featured Product

Brand: Wyndham
Location: Seattle, USA
Volumn: 53 Rooms

⭐ Furniture Manufacturing Factory - Painted

China Furniture Factory - Painting Furniture

Started 1990s, our painting furnitures have been local bureaus’ favorite. Officers and managers love the smooth & sleek feel and multi-proof function. 

Painted furnitures are usually stylish and are marketed as mid-to-high-end products. It requires more decorations and top-level quality control. Better work with a experienced team like us.

Besides office products, our furniture factory uses these lacquer technology for all ranges of products, for example living room cabinets, kitchen cupboards, dining chairs. 

⭐ Furniture Manufacturing Factory - Wood

China Furniture Factory - Solid Wood Furniture & Parts

GCON Furniture resides in Guangxi Province, which is one of Chinese major forestry province. Geometric location gives us better access to quality material resources, from domestic or Southeast Asia countries. 

Furniture Manufacturing - Material & Techniques

Oak wood, ash wood, and rubber wood are major solid wood we used in furniture productions. While Oak wood and ash wood furnitures have unique textures and are very durable, Oak wood furnitures are very cost-effective. Besides these types, we also import sheesham wood from Finland and pinewood from New Zealand.

Our factory used advanced compressing, drilling, and other machines to process solid wood parts – for example table legs, sofa & chair frames. And when it comes to decorative solid wood furnitures, our ULI-CNC engraving machine helps with nice and detailed patterns. 

⭐ Other Furniture Manufacturing Lines

China Furniture Factory - More Furniture Manufacturing Lines

Besides laminated, lacquered, and solid wood furnitures, GCON Furniture factory also has other furntirue lines

  • Upholstery product lines – Reponsible for sofa covers, paddings, headboard upholsteries, etc. 
  • Metal furniture & parts – Furniture frames like steel tubes, metal legs, and so forth.
  • Mattress Production – in 2022, we set up a new department making mattresses and related products. 
Beside all mentioned production lines, we’ve large warehouse areas for clients’ products. Material and finished products are stored neatly. Not worry about over stacking products, we have lots of spare rooms.
Metal Furniture & Parts
Sofa & Chair Production

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