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make houses warm and nice

bedroom furniture set
Bedroom Furnitures
living room set
Living Room Furnitures

Different from hotel and offices, home furnitures usually provide a warm feel.  It is usually bought by pieces, so match up styles is important. Popular colors are white, brown, wood. And in rectangular shapes. 

Classic styles work for most situations. And nowadays natural product dominates the market. In GCON we manufacture with CARB P2 panels and solid woods so don’t worry obout toxics and new furniture smells!

Dining room furniture
Dining Room Furnitures

Home Furnitures


Study table with bookshelf

Home Office Furnitures

We used to call it “study room” while now it is called “home office”. The “work from home” trend makes home office desks a must for many families. 

So we designed some products for home office uses. Desks, bookshelf, pedestals, chairs, etc. Pick the set that would make your work comfortable and efficient.

GCON Home Furnitures - the Beauty of Functionality

Before making any products, there are questions to be answered: “Who’s going to use it?” and “What problems can we solve?”

In GCON, we believe that all designs serves the purpose of usage. Therefore, we put great emphasis on functionality. We produce furnitures to make people’s lives more convinient, more comfortable, and more pleasure. 

To make furniture more convinient, we study people’s usage behaviors. We measured real estate designs and produce products in the most proper sizes. We adds functions, like storage, lift-tops, etc. These functionality saves people’s time and energy in daily lives.

To make product more comfortable, we studies material and shapes. Foams for sofas, structure for seats, etc. 

To make people’s lives pleasure, we studies designs. Built a full 2D/3D designers team. We have faith in the power of aethetics.

All efforts add up today and GCON is a “China Well-known Brand”, honored by CNLI. We’re proud and ready to serve our customers. 

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