Dining Room Furniture
- Folding Tables

wooden folding table
folding dining table

Folding dining table is one of our best-sellers. Naturally wood color, drawer for storage, shelf to house folding chairs. Half-folded can be used as study table.

Full Extended mode for the use of 4-6 people. Solid wood leg strong support makes tabletop steady. Shelf can store sauces and wines if chairs are not inside.

folding dining table

Custom Tables

The best part of a factory is that we could try different styles – round tabletop, marble tables, etc. 

People have preference. So meet your constomers’ needs and get some more SKUs!


folding dining table
round folding dining table
dining room set

Dining Room Furniture Set

Cupboard + Dining Table + Folding Chair Set.

Cupboard for microwaves, wines, glasses, and so forth. Convinient usage.

Foldining dining table could be housed underneath if not in use. Dining chairs can also be housed inside dining table.

Large cabinets for paper towels and other items. 

Set can be used in the kitchen or in dining room. Great for small spaces.

Dining Room Table and Chairs
-Custom Furniture Set

dining table wooden
Dining room furniture

A 4-6 people dining table and chairs set is standard for most families. 

Matching color and design set makes it a great fit and brings visional pleasure. Solid wood straight legs, simply and sturdy. Easy assembly. 

Dining Room Furniture - Chairs

People have preference for chairs, at least I do. I personally prefer all armrest chairs, with full back support to lean on. Though they are less affordable.

If you would like to find a piece that matches your needs, pick one or let us know your desired design. We customize for all styles.


dining chair
dining chair
dining chair
dining chair
dining chair
dining chair
dining chair

For Restaurants & Cafes

Restaurant and cafes may use different styles – usually a central metal leg supports the whole tabletop. The design saves space and make cleaning job easier, whereas it gives large leg rooms for clients. 

A culture-based or theme-based restaurant may use different designs. 

Cafe dining table
Restaurant dining table
Restaurant dining table