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Hotel Furniture for Projects

Hotel Bed

For hotel room furnitures we design and make hotel bed headboards, bed box, closet, minibars, etc. Custom veneer types for fire-resistant and  aethetic requirements. 

Bathroom vanities have lots of requirements as it must fits into certain environment. Some people prefer steel frames while the others loves wooden cabinets. Table tops are often made of quartz or sintered stone to make it durable and clean.

hotel furniture example - modern

Hotel Furnitures Demostration

Popular Hotel Furniture Sets

Layout Design Example

Hotel Furniture - Free Layout Design

A great benefit collabrating with large firms like us is that we take care of all aspects of a project. Our integrated R&D team designed hundred of projects for governments, hotels, dormitories, hospitals. We advise on floor plans and design space layouts and furniture drafts. 

Hotel Furniture Project Cases

GCON supplied for 3 4 5 star hotel & resort furnitures worldwide

Project Case - Radisson Blue
Project Case - Awesome Hotel
Project Case - Wyndham Grand
Project Case - Liyuan Restaurant
Project Case - Crete Bay Hotel
Project Case - Silkgarden Resort

Make the Best Hotel Furnitures

Commercial projects, especially hotels, are constructed for its clients. And clients have choices. Before booking a hotel, people normally check out room designs. It will be sophasticated process and the appearance of hotel furnitures is vital. Hotel room layouts tell potential visitors important information – how comfortable to rest in the place, or how effective they could be in the environment.

We believe in our clients professionalism and we would advise on specialty. It is important to design base on floor plans, make layout work, design furnitures, and then craft samples. This job requires full understandings of the entire project progress so that the products would service our clients’ demands well.

Quality is the key and that’s to be achieved by integrating all needed knowledge together. We are grateful to have you with us and we’d be making our best efforts assiting with your projects.