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Office Furnitures - Desks & More

Standard office tables or L shape. Various designs and customize for orders. Select veneer and type of legs to make it fits your office.

Cabinet is optional but always good to have one, for the purpose of arranging files or place computer. 

office desk
Office Tables

Partitions keep employees in their divided work space and allow them to concerntrate.

Leg space underneath makes it more comfortable to seat, meanwhile an extra pedestal could help them arrange documents well.

Every company should have a conference table. It makes business formal. 

Pick a warm or dark color depending on how relax or tense your meetings usually are. Build-in socket & HDMI plug-ins are also good feature to consider.

conference table
Conference Tables

Office Furniture Manufacturer

We make desks, partitions, etc. 

Various styles for different spaces.

Office Furnitures - Sofa & Chairs

Office Seatings are essential, especially if an office is frequently visited. Visitors are mostly business partners or clients. 

Well designed business sofas give our visitors a formal feeling meanwhile makes them comfortable. Then businesses could be done easier and better. So when selecting an office sofa, take it as an investment. Think about your clients, or potential deals. Pick the one that serves your purpose best.

office sofa example
Office sofa example
Office Sofas
Negotiation seats
Negotiation Sets
office chair example
office chair example
office chair example

Ergonomic Chairs & More

Office Furniture Cases

GCON started its business by selling office furnitures. And now is the biggest furniture supplier for local governments & corporates. The company bidded for projects and fulfilled hundreds of orders. We customize for different office spaces and occasions, include but not limited to government offices, hospitals, schools, etc.

We build long-term relationship with our clients by providing best quality products. We believe that quality is the connection between sellers and buyers, and making high quality products save us lots of energy as we have few after-sales issues. We also take all customer problems seriously as it is a way for us to improve and provide better service in the furture.

Office furniture project
Nanning Railway Bureau
Office furniture project
Guangxi Art College
Office furniture project
Nanning Fifth People Hospital