Open Workplace Solution

Working in an open-plan office makes employees communicate sufficiently,more connected with your co-workers, more passion
on working solutions.Open workplace solution will be a good way
to get a happy work.

Partition Workplace Solution

More and more people care more about privacy when working.
Work together, but work in silence,that is the perfect reflection of such demand.Keep the noise out of your workplace when focusing on timely work.You can talk and work on phone without concerning about
disturbing any co-workers.

Home Workplace Solution

The way you work is changing every day, the COVID-19 changes people’s working way, home office would be the best choice. It’s different from the office workplace,we know  exactly what you want, simple but strong table with enough storage space, a nice comfortable chair, what’s the most important that they would be perfect fit to your house and easily assembled. 

Teamwork Design Solutions

If you are working for a brand new office or a project, if you are headache for the layout, if you are struggling for the design and
what style you should choose,our team would love to help you out
from style selected, color choice,layout design, rendering 
pictures to show your our profession, let GCON help you out! 

OEM&ODM Solutions

We believe that GCON has all the quality to meet your request of OEM & ODM business partner, well-management workshops and production, active R&D team, strong customized capacity, comprehensive production capacity, effective service team focus on shipment and document.