Work with Professional Hotel Furniture Supplier

Trusted hotel furniture supplier by Wydham, Radisson, and other world-famous brands. 

Work with Professional Hotel Furniture Supplier

Here You’ll Find:

Hotel Room Furniture

The most important criteria for clients to decide if they enjoy their stay, boost customer retension rate with high quality room set.

Hotel Seatings

Sofa & chairs, not only comfortable but feature eye-catching designs. It helps build a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Hotel Dining Furniture

People dine in hotel a lot when they travel. It is a great opportunity to boost visits and impress and keep your people.

Hotel Room Furniture

- GCON the Hotel Furniture Supplier

Fire-resistant panel made hotel bedroom furnitures – bed base, wardrobe, table, chair, and so forth.

Feel free to check out our previous works. If you have floor plans or product drafts, simply contact us and we coud figure out how it works for us both.

Custom hotel room furniture by GCON the hotel furniture supplier

Hotel Bed Frame

- GCON the Hotel Furniture Supplier

In GCON we make wood bed base and headboard furniture for hotels. Panel material is CARB P2 and fire-resistant. We got various styles & sizes for different rooms.

Custom floating bed base or with legs, wood headboard or fabric/leather upholstered. Compartment on headboards – like nightstand, build-in socket, and reading lights are also nice add-ons for luxury hotels. 

- GCON the Hotel Furniture Supplier


From bed frames, wardrobes, tables, to bathroom vanities and luggage racks. We make quality room sets. 

wardrobe hotel furnitures
bathroom vanity hotel furnitures

- GCON the Hotel Furniture Supplier

Hotel Seating

Hotel Sofa Furnitures

From regular sofa with candy bars, to traditional chesterfield styles. With fire-resistant fabric cover & fillings.

Hospitality Solution

Talk with our team about your project details – floor plan, or furnitures you’d need from us. We’d suggest our best solutions.

Custom Hotel Chairs

- GCON the Hotel Furniture Supplier

These customized sofas are usually eye-catching as well as comfortable. It provide full support for human body.

- GCON the Hotel Furniture Supplier

Hotel Dinings

Custom Hotel Dining Table

- GCON the Hotel Furniture Supplier

When it comes to export, in most of the time we make standard styles. These tables are easy to assemple and ship. 

However, we do have eye-catching designs for luxury hotels if that’s prefered. But please reach out to us for styles as there are too many designs.

Dining Chairs

Different hotels need different chairs. Upholstery, frame color, seat padding, etc.

Check Our Projects

- GCON the Hotel Furniture Supplier

Established in 1995, GCON now operates 14 showrooms and 6 ecommerce stores, all backed up by its China furniture factory. The facility has 36 furniture manufacturing lines and nearly 1,000 trained workers.

GCON Furniture manufacturers for offices, hotels, homes, and so forth. We have 90+ automation equipments.