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Office Furniture

GCON is one of the best Custom Office Furniture Manufacturers. Check out our existing designs and modify for your office project or business. Go with our customers’ favorites or scroll down for more categories.

All-purpose Office Tables

These office tables can be placed anywhere. They share simple designs but entail all necessary functions.

Unless specified by clients, we use 25mm CARB P2 panels to make super durable tabletops, with 2mm PVC edge banding. Drawers, pedestals, keyboard tray, PC stand can be a good plus and these tables more convinient. 

Mex-05 office table
ML office table
office table keyboard tray

L-shape Office Desks for Executives & Managers

Table with a long cabinet, we call it L-shape desks. These desks usually have privacy panel, wire boxes, password code, etc. They are made specially for management.

We make executive desks for different purposes. From modern to classic, we have lots of office desk collections.  Feel free to call us for our lastest catalog or go to “furnitures” section on menu bar and take a look.

Executive Desks

Designed for management

PLS executive desk

Office Cubicles & Open Plan Workstations

Workstations and cubicles are both designed to boost effeciency. They are similar furnitures but could be very different in particular occasions.

Our office cubicles feature wire-management system and custom privacy panels. It keeps people’s workspace clean, meanwhile these special designed privacy panels could help them being positive at work.

The open plan workstations, on the contrary, leave more wires underneath the table. But it allows more space on tabletop for storage. Open plan workstations are usually smaller and are easy to carry and re-assemble.

Office Cubicle

Our wire-management partition panels help people enjoy tidy workspace. Meanwhile the glass & fabric screen brings more visional pleasure.

Open Plan Workstation

The open plan workstations are modular and are easy to add or reduce number of seats. It makes sure privacy with on-desk partition screens.

Conference Tables & Training Tables

Meetings are regular events in a company. People must review and learn from the past then we could better plan for the furniture.

Our conference tables and training tables are customized for occasions. Depending on the situation of usage we customize conference tables for 6, 8, 12, or more than 20 person. Small training tables are also good options if you’re not certain how many people would be attending your regular meetings.

standard conference table

Conference Table

Customize for 6 to 20+ person usage.

Training Table

Large conference size or for individuals.

training room office & hotel furnitures
training table large

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Office Furniture Seating

Chairs are must for work, sofas are must for clients. This is where you start working. Happiness get boosted as these furnitures get more comfortable.

Office Sofa Set

“Professional, soft, and comfortable.” Unless you don’t want your clients to stay long, you would want to make them at home.

We customize sofas with genuine leather, PU leather, or fabrics; Solid wood or metal structures. We use really good material – you’ll feel the sofa cover breathing and the fillings supporting you like sitting in the cloud.

office sofa black
office sofa khaki

Office Chairs

There are different types of office chairs – those super luxury with sectional supports, well-designed fashion styles, the regular 360° rotating adjustable chairs, and affodable non-swivel and foldable seats.

Again, you can always contact us for catalog, or discuss about customizing a style. We also uploaded some styles in our “furnitures” section for reference.

luxury office chair

Office Bookcases

These are large filing cabinets against the wall, or can be used as office dividers. Large sectional storage helps arranging files, and those glass door could effectively protect important documents. 

For bookcases we have various colors and styles. Panels can have beautiful wood veneers or be painted. 

office bookcase golden walnut
office bookcase dark oak
office bookcase

Office Cabinet & Pedestal

Usually be used with office tables. These storage cabinets & pedetals make work easier.

We customize for drawers, wheels, lockers, etc. These cabinets can be used as seats or beds if we adds fabric paddings and fillings on them.

office pedetal

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