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Why are Furnitures Important to an Office?

Office is not only a workplace, it is also part of people’s lives. A good warm, welcoming environment boosts people’s sense of belongings and their loyalty, whereas an narrow, intimadating office get employee turnover rate skyrocketed. 

People have their requirements for an office. We spend 8+ hours working on workdays and for sure expect an relaxing and comfortable experience. However, works are not easy. If we cannot reduce our workloads, then at least we can make our work environment better. But how? Get better office design and more efficiency-oriented furnitures. 

Three Criteria Affecting Office Environment

1. Light and Brightness

Light and brightness are vital to people’s moods. A warm and bright environment could highly reduce people’s stress and thus increase their work efficiency. Do not let you people work in a dim and cold room, unless you expect lots of errors and reworks.

2. Privacy Space

People can hardly focus when being watched. They pay more attention to their behaviors and therefore less attention to their jobs. It can slow their work speeds and affect their work qualities.

3. Clean and tidiness

A messy work environment not only looks terrible, but also reduces people’s creativity and productivity. A person could hardly focus when there’s lots of wires, files, and other items on his desk. 

Furniture Solutions for A Good Work Environrment

1. Executive Office Desk

GCON PLS Executive Desk
GCON PLS Executive Desk

Executive desks are great for management who have private office spaces. These kind of desks usually have a large tabletop and a convinient side cabinet. The large tabletop help managers to arrange their current works better, whereas the side cabinets put necessary filing documents at convinient reach. 

Executive desks usually have PC stand and wire-management box, which help executives keep their workspace tidy. The privacy panel in front prevent people from paying too much attention to their behaviors when meeting the others.

2. Height Adjustable Standing Desk

GCON GRD Standing Desk
GCON GRD Standing Desk

Height adjustable desks become popular in recent years. The ergonomic design allows people to sit or stand in their most comfortable way. It could effectively prevent people from suffering spondylosis, fronzen shoulders, and other diseases. 

Nowadays some furniture manufacturers make standing desk with electric control, pop-up sockets, privacy panels, and other functions. These functions could makes work even more comfortable and efficient.

3. Office Cubicle

GCON DB Series Office Cubicle
GCON DB Series Office Cubicle

Office cubicles are designs to let people have their “small rooms”. This furniture a combination of partition screen and office desk. The partition help people isolate themselves when needed to focus, but still they could collaborate with co-workers nearby. The partition panels could have seperate parts, meanwhile fabric padding could give people a soft and warm feel, the frosted glass on top allows more light to penetrate through and makes brighter work environment 

Office Cubicle with Wire-magement System
Office Cubicle with Wire-magement System

Besides, some office cubicles entails wire-management system inside the partition panels. This function not only helps people to have a tidier environment, but also prevent wires to get damaged and minimize work interruptions.

It is also easy to assemble/disassemble and rearrange in desired style. It can be I-shaped, F-shaped or Y-shaped, or in other combinations to meet different office needs. Personal closet, lunch break beds are alway great functions to be added to office cubicles.

4. Open Plan Workstation

Open plan workstations are basically office tables with on-desk partitions and side cabinets. It secured minimal privacy people needs meanwhile giving them an open feel to the environment.

These workstations help people to be creative rather than let them concentrate. It could also facilitate collaborations as there’s less blocks between peroson to person. The side cabinets also make work more convinient and effecient.

5. Office Cabinets

Office Cabinets, such as bookcases, side cabinets, pedestals, are designed to let people arrange items and filing documents. It adds more flexibility for companies as it helps people to classify and sort documents. The longer a company exists, the greater number of files it msut storage. Office storages could dramatically save time if your files are well-arranged.

Pedestals, especially mobile pedestals, are small pieces for all purposes. It is great extra storage. It is easy to move and use.


Office are not only a place, but also part of people’s lives. Few of us could escape from work, but at least we could make our workspace better. And it would be beneficial for employers to make employees “at home”. 

Good Office Furnitures help people contrate, by bringing more light, securing their privacy, and keeps work area clean and tidy. All office furnitures should serve the purpose of making work environment comfortable and boosting work efficiencies.

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