GF 623

About this item:

This is a solid wood coffee table with classic design, environmentally friendly paint desktop, solid wood desktop legs, can be used as a single -layer and double -layer, simple atmosphere
  • Thicked board, good bearing bearing gravity, can be used for 10 years without deformation
  • Round and seamless edge, anti -scratch and anti -scratch and anti -scratch, that is, protecting the family and beautiful and generous
  • Solid wood desktop legs, a solid wood leg with anti -slip moisture and anti -moisture foot pad to protect the coffee table

Model Number

GF 623


500W x 500D x 420H

600W x 600D x 420H

800Wx 400D x 420H

1000W x 500D x 420H

1200W x 600D x 420H

Main Material

Thickened desktop, Solid wood table, Anti -loss foot pad

Sample Availability

Customized Sample


Payment Terms

30% down & 70% against balance before shipping


Shipping Terms



Shiping Method

by ship, or land, or air



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