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GS-9831 Sofa Set

About this item:

Beautiful and chic lines, clean atmosphere, calm black show a strong energy field. The leather gloss is good, which makes the overall effect of the sofa outstanding.

Comfortable seat cushion: fine Leather material, seat cushions filled with high-density sponge and provide comfortable support for your body when seated, and easily regain their shape when you rise.

Solid and Durable: The couch sets for offices have sturdy wood frames and metal legs that can withstand heavy weights, adding stability and longevity so they can be used for a long time.

Modern Modular Sectional: upholstered contemporary sofa design made of soft leather can be arranged and reconfigurable in various ways for small or large spacious living areas to accommodate different spaces.

Model Number

ML 900



1200 W x 600 D x 750 H

1600 x 750 x 750

1800 x 850 x 750


White Mapie/Parchment White/Golden Walnut/Dark Grey

Optional Cover

PU, leathaire

Frame Material

Solid wood

Feet Material


Sample Availability

In-stock Sample

Payment Terms

30% down & 70% against balance before shipping

Shipping Terms


Shiping Method

by ship, or land, or air

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Feel It

Unique rich pattern appearance

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