PS 601

About this item:

This is a multi -form storage coffee table, semi -exposed and semi -hidden, to meet the storage needs of different items, white wax wood texture, fresh solid wood vision. There is no trace of excess line design, truly classic shape, classic and durable

Model Number

PS 601


1210W x 600D x 450H

Main Material

Solid wood table, Bronze handle, High -quality mute guide, Cushioning sound door hinge.

  • Environmental protection paint -free process, environmentally friendly, durable and healthier
  • Solid wood support, more stable and stronger
  • Pumping more design can be sorted and placed by the debris, which is convenient for finding

Sample Availability

Customized Sample


Payment Terms

30% down & 70% against balance before shipping


Shipping Terms



Shiping Method

by ship, or land, or air



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